On Location Workshops
CEP offers a variety of workshops at various sites in different cities. For more info or to become an instructor of a workshop register or send an e-mail to

Some of our currently available on location workshops

“Urban Media Literacy” A workshop designed to assist CEP’s current mission -to help build stronger communities by assisting in the development in giving children in “at-risk” areas a firm foundation in Media Literacy at earlier stages in life. From the cradle to the grave these children are bombarded by media messages. At what ages are they taught how to interpret these messages?  Adding more media literacy lessons to Core Curriculum lesson plans can help build a foundation of media literacy in these students. This workshop is for educators and administrators. 10, 20, and 40 week student curriculum also available

 “Urban Literacy Job Readiness Workshops” A workshop where the goals are: To help those who work with job seekers better incorporate social media and technology in job searches.. Learning how to develop a  modern plan for employment seekers. Participants are asked to bring smart phones to workshop for hands on activities

“Working with New Arrivals” A  workshop designed to assist those who teach, employ, or train recent arrivals from countries that are part of the diaspora. The workshop explores ways that social and cultural change effects new arrivals. Goals of workshop- Helping educators and employers better communicate and train students and job seekers who are adopting to American culture.

“Nursing as a Career” – A 90 minute workshop for High School Students who are considering a career in Nursing.The workshop is designed to review the skills, work ethic, and requirements necessary to matriculate through current nursing schools. The goals of the workshops -Better preparing students for successful completion of Nursing programs and helping students decide if Nursing is the right path for them before committing time and resources. Workshops currently only available in western Pa and eastern Ohio areas.

“Higher Education vs. Incarceration“-A video produced by Love Movement Video featuring community activists & students from Temple, Pitt, Philadelphia Community college. A workshop/assembly program that addresses issues that keep at risk youth from furthering their education. Workshop consist of a short film, Review of self improvement techniques (See attached “Do You” list),and 21st Century skills requirements overview (see attached). Goal of the workshop is “Self Empowerment” . Participants are at risk youth and people who work with this population.

“Intro to Fashion, Modeling, & Design”- A 2 hour workshop designed for “At-Risk” youth who may be interested in pursuing careers in these areas. Students are given an overview and taught hands-on techniques. Goals of the workshop- Teaching students how to develop the skills and work habits necessary to gain employment in related fields. Workshops currently only available in eastern Pa.,NY. NJ, and Delaware areas
“Fighting Media Illiteracy in the Classroom”- A one hour workshop designed for educators. Topics to be discussed- ways to make current mediums more of an aid to education than a time wasting distraction, getting students to understand marketing techniques to become better consumers and producers, and ways media literacy can improve overall comprehension. Goals of the workshop is to make educators aware of the need to incorporate more content to increase media literacy skills in their curriculums and lesson planning.
“Put Video in your Lesson Plans”-A one hour workshop designed to help educators implement and incorporate video into their lesson plans and educational strategies . Students enjoy seeing & learning things from their peers. Participants will receive simplified “hands on” training on use of cameras, editing programs, and how video can be used in each educators core curriculum . Goal of the workshop is teaching educators better ways to utilize the video resources available to them.

“Tutoring for Nursing exams ”-Individual and group tutoring sessions are available. Tutoring is tailored to assist nursing students become better prepared to pass their states licensing exams. Workshops currently only available in western Pa and eastern Ohio areas.
Organizing a video magazine”-A workshop where the focus is on helping educators design ongoing video projects, usually newscasts, video magazines, and highlights from school events and activities. Workshops are designed around each schools particular video need. Goals is to show schools how to implement successful video projects and archive the schools achievements.

  “Holla at ya Boy?”A video produced by Love Movement Video featuring men from the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, & New York city areas discussing the differences between immature and mature male ·behavior. The goal of the workshop is recognizing and developing mature goals, behavior, & thinking.

“The Grill Sergeant Kitchen Boot Kamp  is a comprehensive health education program that is focused on the war against childhood obesity. In an effort to combat this mission we have developed a program centered around teaching your child how to make better food choices, we will help you to create healthy menu ideas (which will help ease the struggle around the table) and show you fun cost effective ways to add exercise to your daily regimen