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Our site is designed to assist career oriented individuals , employers, and educators in English speaking markets around the world reach their goals.
Hospitality News & Events
The Top Four Careers in Hospitality

Hotel StaffIt is undeniable that hotels are rampant nowadays. You could see high rise hotels being built almost anywhere as long as there is a site to see or place to visit. This is true not only for the United Sates, but other countries as well. Whether it be a five-star hotel or a not so glamorous hotel, a hotel is a hotel and one thing’s for sure: they need people to work for them.Positions in this kind of career could also vary and they are numerous too. You can be the front desk person who assigns rooms for guests or you could be the lifeguard at the pool area who watches over the kid’s pool—there are abundant numbers of hotel staff positions that you could consider. Other than the number of positions, the number of establishments you can work for is also high. There are small bed and breakfasts and there are 5-star accommodations.
How high your compensation would be would depend on your job title. This factor would also decide how you will be paid; whether by hour or in a yearly basis. read more Read more:

Hospitality jobs in California
If you are looking for a career that is both fun, and exciting, you may want to consider taking a look at one of the many California hospitality jobs. California is a premier tourist destination so it is not surprising that the hospitality industry would be one of the biggest opportunities for employment in the state. In the tourism industry, there are often more California hospitality jobs than can be filled; and this means that those looking to work in hospitality will have plenty of opportunities available to them to get their foot in the door. Because of the booming California tourism, it can really be great careers to get into. Read full article here http://www.caljobsite.com/article1.php

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Education News & Events
Educational Leadership

Everyday, millions of Americans rely on the teachers and educators across the country to provide their children with the fundamental skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. These same Americans want their children to have every advantage, including obtaining the best possible education. Unfortunately, the public educational system doesn’t always provide that option to parents.

This dissatisfaction with the public school system has resulted in an increased interest in an educational voucher system, whereby parents can choose where their educational dollars go, and which school their child attends. That movement has spawned an increased interest in the subject of educational leadership.

Read the rest here http://www.money-zine.com/Career-Development/Leadership-Skill/Educational-Leadership/

Contemplating a career centered on mathematics?

Mathematical research and education are at the heart of some careers, while other careers utilize mathematics and its applications to build and enhance important work in the sciences, business, finance, manufacturing, communications, and engineering…More info here http://www.ams.org/profession/career-info/career-index

http://www.takepart.com/article/2011/12/07/cyberbaiting-teens-find-high-tech-ways-humiliate-teacherskids w phone

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Health News & Events
Robust job growth is forecast for nursing through 2018

Driven in part by the increasing focus on wellness and preventive medicine, experts project

that registered nursing will have above-average growth of 22% through 2018. “It’s a

perennial profession. we’re always going to have people with health care needs, and now

nurses aren’t just caring for sick people, but well people, too,” said Katie Brewer, senior

policy analyst ror the ANA. Click link for full article Las vegas Review-Journal http://www.lvrj.com/employment/demand-for-registered-nurses-to-continue-well-past-2011-127085903.html?ref=903

“Nurses are so Mean”written by Ruby Vee

I wish I had a dollar for every post I’ve read claiming that “nurses are so mean,” “nurses are nasty to each other,” “nurses eat their young” or “my preceptor is picking on me for no good reason.” And then if you add in all the nurses who are “fired for NO reason” or is hated by their co-workers because they’re so much younger and more beautiful than everyone around them or just can’t get along with their colleagues no matter what they do — well, I’d be a rich woman. I could retire to Tahiti and lounge on the beach sipping margaritas and eating bon bons. Or whatever. You catch my drift. Read full article at AllNurses,com http://allnurses.com/nursing-articles/nurses-so-mean-475649.html
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Career info 1
Start a New Career at Any Age

Career Change Options for All By Chris Kyle

Looking to change careers and think your age may limit you? You may want to revisit that line of thinking…

“Age really has no bearing,” says Michael Brandt, chief operating officer of BrightMove, a Florida-based company that designs recruiting and staffing software. “The only thing that really matters is the skills that you have,” says Brandt, who estimates that 95 percent of his clients do not use age as a search criterion.

People of all ages believe they will change careers at some point in the future, according to a November 2010 survey by Kelly Services, a Michigan-based workforce solutions company.

The study, which polled 134,000 workers worldwide, found that:

•69 percent of Generation X (people born in the ’60s and ’70s) expect to change careers
•67 percent of Generation Y (people born in the ’80s and ’90s) expect to change careers
•63 percent of Baby Boomers (people born in the late ’40s and ’50s) expect to change careers
Read full article here http://education.yahoo.net/articles/start_a_new_career_at_any_age.htm?wid=7&svid=wmkLZVISff0plk6N%2BJaEaA%3D%3D&svkid=EZPJ&partner=1946&usid=52e03d80-d6bf-11e0-9a7e-001d0963c732

Are You a Professional or an Amateur?

A professional learns every aspect of the job. An amateur skips the learning process whenever possible.

A professional carefully discovers what is needed and wanted. An amateur assumes what others need and want.

A professional looks, speaks and dresses like a professional. An amateur is sloppy in appearance and speech.

A professional keeps his or her work area clean and orderly. An amateur has a messy, confused or dirty work area.

A professional is focused and clear-headed. An amateur is confused and distracted.

A professional does not let mistakes slide by. An amateur ignores or hides mistakes.

Read complete article here http://www.tipsforsuccess.org/professionalism.htm

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Career Info 2
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Nursing Development
Fetal Development
Forms of Birth Control
Starting an IV
Pharmacology in Hematology
Fluid and Electrolytes
Anatomy of IV bag
Intravenous Therapy
Neurological Pharmacology

On site workshops
On Location Workshops

CEP offers a variety of workshops at various sites in different cities. For more info or to become an instructor of a workshop register or send an e-mail to info@careereducationalpathways.com

Some of our currently available on location workshops

“Nursing as a Career” – A 90 minute workshop for High School Students who are considering a career in Nursing.The workshop is designed to review the skills, work ethic, and requirements necessary to matriculate through current nursing schools. The goals of the workshops -Better preparing students for successful completion of Nursing programs and helping students decide if Nursing is the right path for them before committing time and resources. Workshops currently only available in western Pa and eastern Ohio areas.

“Higher Education vs. Incarceration”-A video produced by Love Movement Video featuring community activists & students from Temple, Pitt, Philadelphia Community college. A workshop/assembly program that addresses issues that keep at risk youth from furthering their education. Workshop consist of a short film, Review of self improvement techniques (See attached “Do You” list),and 21st Century skills requirements overview (see attached). Goal of the workshop is “Self Empowerment” . Participants are at risk youth and people who work with this population.

“Intro to Fashion, Modeling, & Design”- A 2 hour workshop designed for “At-Risk” youth who may be interested in pursuing careers in these areas. Students are given an overview and taught hands-on techniques. Goals of the workshop- Teaching students how to develop the skills and work habits necessary to gain employment in related fields. Workshops currently only available in eastern Pa.,NY. NJ, and Delaware areas

“Fighting Media Illiteracy in the Classroom”- A one hour workshop designed for educators. Topics to be discussed- ways to make current mediums more of an aid to education than a time wasting distraction, getting students to understand marketing techniques to become better consumers and producers, and ways media literacy can improve overall comprehension. Goals of the workshop is to make educators aware of the need to incorporate more content to increase media literacy skills in their curriculums and lesson planning.

“Put Video in your Lesson Plans”-A one hour workshop designed to help educators implement and incorporate video into their lesson plans and educational strategies . Students enjoy seeing & learning things from their peers. Participants will receive simplified “hands on” training on use of cameras, editing programs, and how video can be used in each educators core curriculum . Goal of the workshop is teaching educators better ways to utilize the video resources available to them.

“Tutoring for Nursing exams ”-Individual and group tutoring sessions are available. Tutoring is tailored to assist nursing students become better prepared to pass their states licensing exams. Workshops currently only available in western Pa and eastern Ohio areas.