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The GED  Examination is divided into 5 tests:                                            

    1. Language Arts, Writing
    2. Social Studies
    3. Science
    4. Language Arts, Reading
    5. Mathematics

The five tests are designed to measure the knowledge and skills that a student should have acquired after four years in high school. One important thing about the tests is that even though the questions may involve a specific area of study such as science, you don’t have to memorize specific facts, details, dates, or even exact definitions. Much of this information is given to you in the test itself. You will have to be able to read and understand the material that is presented and then to answer questions about it.
With the exception of the essay part of the Writing Skills test, all of the questions in the GED Examination are multiple choice. You will be given a brief statement, short passage,. map, table, or diagram, and then you will have to answer one or more multiple-choice questions about this material.


  Section Time Allowed Number of Test Items Description
Test 1 Language Arts, Writing Part I 75 minutes 50 Organization 15%
Structure 30%
Usage 30%
Mechanics 25%
  Language Arts, Writing Part II 45 minutes 1 essay Essay on given topic
approximately 250 words
Test 2 The Social Studies Test 80 minutes 50 World History (25%)
U.S. History (25%)
Civics and Government (25%)
Economics (20%)
Geography (15%)
Test 3 The Science Test 80 minutes 50 Life Science (45%)
Earth & Space Science (20%)
Physical Science (35%)
Test 4 Language Arts, Reading 65 minutes 40 Literary Text (75%)
Nonfiction Prose (25%)
Test 5 The Mathematics
90 minutes 50 Number Operations and
Number Sense 20-30%
Measurement and
Geometry 20-30%
Data Analysis, Statistics
and Probability (20-30%)
Algebra, Functions,
and Patterns (20-30%)