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Hospitality News
The Top Four Careers in Hospitality

Hotel StaffIt is undeniable that hotels are rampant nowadays. You could see high rise hotels being built almost anywhere as long as there is a site to see or place to visit. This is true not only for the United Sates, but other countries as well. Whether it be a five-star hotel or a not so glamorous hotel, a hotel is a hotel and one thing’s for sure: they need people to work for them.Positions in this kind of career could also vary and they are numerous too. You can be the front desk person who assigns rooms for guests or you could be the lifeguard at the pool area who watches over the kid’s pool—there are abundant numbers of hotel staff positions that you could consider. Other than the number of positions, the number of establishments you can work for is also high. There are small bed and breakfasts and there are 5-star accommodations.
How high your compensation would be would depend on your job title. This factor would also decide how you will be paid; whether by hour or in a yearly basis. read more Read more:

Hospitality jobs in California
If you are looking for a career that is both fun, and exciting, you may want to consider taking a look at one of the many California hospitality jobs. California is a premier tourist destination so it is not surprising that the hospitality industry would be one of the biggest opportunities for employment in the state. In the tourism industry, there are often more California hospitality jobs than can be filled; and this means that those looking to work in hospitality will have plenty of opportunities available to them to get their foot in the door. Because of the booming California tourism, it can really be great careers to get into. Read full article here

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