Urban Media Literacy Program

What is the Urban Media Literacy Program?

CEP’s ultimate goal is to improve our nation overall by helping to improve life in the poorest communities. The best tool for this is education. As Confucius spoke of thousands of years ago “Knowledge is the equalizer of poor men and kings”
CEP’s current mission is to help build stronger communities by assisting in the development in giving children in “at-risk” areas  a firm foundation in Media Literacy at earlier stages in life. From the cradle to the grave these children are bombarded by media messages. At what ages are they taught how to interpret these messages? Adding more media literacy lessons to Core Curriculum lesson plans can help build a foundation of media literacy in these students. This can trigger a “trickle up” effect of benefits. Such as >>>Understanding the work that goes into producing visual content, thereby not be deluded by the glamour and glitz of the finished product. I.e. many students believe that music artists actually own everything that may be shown in their videos. >>>Becoming better educated consumers who understand not only the value of their dollar but the social capital they possess >>>Ignoring or properly assessing messages that have negative content. I.e. Messages that devalue the need for education, promote violence, misogyny and other self defeating behavior. >>>Better educated students will contribute more to helping communities thrive. Assisting students in becoming better equipped to understand the skills and work ethic required for success in maintaining employment or continued education produces members of communities that strengthen rather than drain community resources.